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At OCS we publish articles on apparel manufacturing, about technology used in garment industry, latest news, about events and fairs related to apparel. In apparel manufacturing you will find information on material sourcing, about textiles, sampling, merchandising, apparel production, pre-production and production planning, quality control and industrial engineering and about all kind of garment manufacturing processes. Most of articles are written as how-to-do guide and tips.
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We have also published articles on how to start garment business and tips to run a garment business successfully.

With Online Clothing Study, you can learn and increase your knowledge and professional skill. Here we have published topics what our readers want to read. We have published many articles on question & answer.

In case you have any question related to apparel manufacturing or setting up garment business you can contact me.

We have some publications in the form of book, ebook, documentation, action manual and project report. Check this page for list of publications.

Most of the blog posts are written based on my practical work experience and knowledge. We have also published some articles contributed by industry experts and academicians. We also curate industry knowledge and share here to facilitate your learning in your busy schedule.

We also provide services for preparing project report for setting up garment business, documentation, and guide garment business in improving their internal processes.

This is well known and one of most popular websites in apparel manufacturing industry and in small scale garment businesses. Online Clothing Study has gained popularity over the time. In case you are interested to know about site's statistic here it is.

I have written about me in this page and my full bio here .

You can contact me via e-mail prasanta[@]onlineclothingstudy.com 
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How OCS was started?

Are you interested to know the story of OCS? Continue reading …

I was often asked questions by colleagues and college juniors on apparel manufacturing topics. I am a textile engineer plus NIFT alumnus. I did post graduate in Garment Manufacturing Technology. That’s why they might think probably I know the answer of their questions. I answered many questions that time and found people to ask same question again and again.

When I don’t know the correct answer for some questions I used to collect the answer from my friends.

Many times I Goggled few things but don’t find any good explanation or help. This motivated me to start this blog. I started posting basic information on garment manufacturing. Thus online clothing study was started. Later I have written articles on the many chronic problems existed in garment manufacturing and their solutions and how to guides on garment manufacturing field.

Online Clothing Study blog was registered in 2011.

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