Automatic Marker Labelling Machine (Cutting Room Automation)

 It is an advancement in the cutting room automation in the apparel manufacturing industry. Now in a CAD system, one can skip the printing marker on the plotter paper and plotting machine by using an auto labelling machine. Normally, an auto labelling machine prints the marker information (part's size, part name, and other details for bundle information) directly on the top layer of the lay.

In the traditional CAD system, plotter is used to print plotter. And the plotter paper used to lay on the top of the fabric layer before cutting whether layer cutting is done using manually cutter or using a CNC cutting machine.

In manual cutting, plotter paper is still required but for automatic cutting machine, no need of plotter paper. The auto labelling is done after completion of spreading of fabric and before covering the lay with plastic sheet for compressing the lay.

How to include this in your CAD system?

You can check with your existing solution provider of automatic spreading machine and auto cutting machine.

Major benefits of automatic labelling machine:

  • Replace plotter paper - directly cost saving for the manufacturers
  • Print marker information on the top layer of fabric. Saving time on layering plotter paper.
  • Reduce waste in cutting room as no need of plotter paper.
  • The label printer can print barcode /QR code.
  • Adjustment on small parts
  • Cosma technology claims that this technology can save upto 70% of paper cost in the cutting room.


There might be some challenges when one stops using plotter paper, but all technology innovation come with some challenges and later stage that challenges are handled by improvement of the system. 

Compatibility of auto labelling machine (maker) and the existing auto spreader and auto cutter maker. 

In future, all cutting room technology solution providers may include auto labelling machine in their product range. 

Cutting room automation - auto labelling

Image source: Cosma technology /YouTube

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