Kick Start Your T-Shirt Business (About the Book)

A Step by Step Guide to Starting 
A T-Shirt Factory from Scratch

This is a business book. A guide to start T-shirt manufacturing business.

This book is written for the dreamers – for those who dream for starting their own business in the clothing line. Any newcomers who don’t have prior working experience in the garment manufacturing sector can gain knowledge and will be able to prepare his/her business project report after reading this book.

You can refer this book to anyone who wants to start t-shirt business. The subject knowledge and necessary background information required for setting up a t-shirt manufacturing factory is covered in this book.

Someone who is thinking and planning for starting a t-shirt business for a long time but somehow not able to start it due to some reasons – can get the complete set of information to kick start the business. You will get direction of starting a t-shirt manufacturing business.

No more blurb!

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Book Preview Pages

The book is written in 13 chapters. 
Here are the Book contents and Preview pages (including first chapter)

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