Download-able Files/Templates (PDF Documents and Free eBooks)

In apparel and fashion manufacturing, formats, templates, and charts are very useful for learning things quickly and improve productivity in your daily work. At, I have shared many files, formats, and templates at different times. Most of these formats/ files are free for downloading. You can download any files and eBooks from this list.

I have observed that sometimes OCS readers find difficulty in downloading these files/formats. So, I often asked to send them those files by mail. I hope this list will be helpful to you.

In the following, I have provided links for related articles and links to download the file. In the linked articles, you will find a guide on how to use the format (but not for all). Some of the formats are image files. After opening those image files, save (Ctrl+S) on your computer.

Some files are uploaded on Google Drive and shared. Download the file after opening it on Google Drive to use the template.

  1. Calculation of production per hour in Excel sheet. Read the post | Download the template 
  2. Time & Action Calendar template. See the post  | Download the excel template
  3. Production efficiency report format. See the post  | Download the file
  4. Sewing Thread Consumption Calculation Template Read the article | Download file
  5. Daily Production Report I Read the article | Download File
  6. Production report with pivot table Read this article  
  7. Cut Order plan Read the article | Download file
  8. Sample operation bulletin Read the article | Download file
  9. Fabric consumption t-shirt Read the article | Download file
  10. 4-point system for fabric inspection (data collection format) Read the article | Download format
  11. Traffic light system quality inspection format Read the article | Download format
  12. A useful formula for Industrial Engineering calculation read the article | Download poster
  13. Garment costing sheet (template) read the article | Download template
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P.S. If you find a download link of formats/files inside any article is missing in this list, please inform me at prasanta(at)

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