Sewing Thread Consumption Calculation Template (Download Excel Template)

An excel template is very useful for the formula based calculations. So the thread consumption calculation template is.

You might know the thread consumption ratios for different machines.

But if you don’t have a template, you are wasting time estimating sewing thread requirement calculation.

Don’t know how to make the template?

No problem. I have developed one template on excel for you.

Go ahead and download the free template. (Find download button below)

Thread consumption template
Thread consumption template in Excel
Remember, different thread consumption ratios are developed by thread manufacturers (those factors are developed based on different fabric thickness and stitch per inch). In the first article, I wrote on thread consumption formula How to calculate thread consumption for garments, I have explained how to develop your own thread-consumption-factors for different types of stitches.

In this template, I have given you options to choose one from the various sources of thread consumption factors. Choose one from the following
  1. Coats
  2. A&F-1 
  3. A&F-2 
  4. A ratio developed by you
I have also explained how to use the thread consumption template (in help worksheet). There is a limited number of rows in the template. Instead of adding more rows, I suggest you add the seam lengths together for same stitch types and enter into a single row.

I have already shared template developed by A&F (US-based thread manufacturer) in this article Thread consumption calculation process simplified. These templates are very good and helpful for newbies.

You might be interested to learn the Factors that affect thread consumption in garments

Just click on the following 'download' button to save the template in your computer.

Thread consumption template

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Data source: Coats industrial and A&F.

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