How to Give an Approval for Print and Embroidery Strike-off?

Prints and embroidery works are the inseparable components in fashion and apparel products. Also, printing and embroidery are the value-added processes in garment manufacturing. The print quality, embroidery quality and their appearance on apparel must be as per the design provided by the customer (brands). Normally, in the apparel product development stage and in bulk production, garment factories develop print strike-off and embroidery strike-offs.

You know strike-off development is done for avoiding major mistakes in bulk production. Approval of the strike-off is also necessary for bulk printing.

print and embroidery strike-off
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How to Give an Approval for Print and Embroidery Strike-off?

You need to follow the quality standards of the print quality to give approval to the sample. You can prepare a checklist to avoid mistakes in the approval of the above. In the buyer’s style techpack, most brands mention the print/embroidery quality requirement and give a reference. You can follow techpack details on print and embroidery and comment during approving the strike-offs.

Your customer will prepare the strike-off on the original fabric or in a sample fabric depending on the approval stages. They need to prepare strike-offs in a swatch card and write down the details of strike-off with correct reference number like style/model number.

Checklist for print strike-off approval

The checklist for print strike-off checking can be as follows (reference purpose only)
  • Print artwork
  • Print colourways and a colour shade (Pantone code). Sometimes design mention different print colour for different fabric base colour.
  • Size of the artwork
  • The sharpness of the printing outline
  • Base fabric quality 
  • The printing process used in printing
  • The appearance of the print outcome
  • You can also include colour fastness to washing and running
Embroidery strike-off checklist
  • Embroidery artwork
  • Embroidery design
  • Sharpness of the design
  • Appearance of the embroidery outcome
After checking the strike-off, add your comments in the strike-off specific and mention if they need to change anything or further improvement is needed for approval. If everything is matched with the standards, you can approve the strike-off for next process.


If you are a buyer or you are working in a buying-house, you can prepare your own checklist. When you request for the strike-offs, you should also send the requirement and your checklist to the developer (supplier). By doing this, the supplier can check before sending you the strike-off and re-development of the strike-off can be reduced.

In case, you find some errors in the print specimen and don’t find any reference, you can call the designer or the authorised person for approval.

Hope you will find this guide helpful in the print/embroidery strike-off approval.

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