What is Standing Time in the Garment Manufacturing Process

In the garment manufacturing, Standard Time (SAM/SMV) is a common term. But when someone asked me about the 'Standing Time', I thought he might be using the wrong word for standard time. This term 'Standing Time' was new to me.

I asked him whether he is talking about Standard Time of a garment. If not where he found this term.

He confirmed that it is standing time. This term is used in Fast React planning system. But he doesn't know the meaning of  'Standing Time'.

I checked with a Fastreact system user and got the answer.

As per the Fastreact user, standing time means waiting time between two processes. Like, waiting time in between embroidery and stitching process. In production scheduling and event planning, waiting time in between two processes are considered. 

Though the 'Standing Time' is a term used by a software system, it is good to know the meaning and use of this term.  

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